I am a committer on the Apache Taverna open source project. Taverna is a suite of tools for designing and executing scientific workflows. Initially created by the myGrid project, Taverna transitioned to the Apache incubator in 2015. I create and publish content to the website, review and edit readme files in GiHub, and review the Java source code, as well as participate in developer and Project Management Committee (PMC) discussions.

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API / Open Source / Programming

Other Documents and Diagrams

Links to additional copies of developer documentation, user documentation, PowerPoint training, and others.


Communicating Technically Thoughts on the science of technical communication, including using git for version control, API documentation, and open source documentation.

Apache open source document mockup blog "All discussion happens on the @dev mailing list," but it's still useful to mock up a document or section and verify I'm on the right track.

k12mathpassion Math education and tutoring blog.

Celiac Safe Eats Website

Celiac Safe Eats A website that uses Facebook groups to help people who are sensitive to gluten share safe places to eat. Facebook groups for different cities facilitate crowdsourcing of safe restaurants through users' posts and comments.

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