NPR API Getting Started Guide - September 2016 [Published Google Doc]

NPR API Reference - September 2016 [Published Google Doc]

Release Notes - Apache Taverna and OSGi - March 2016 [Confluence wiki]

Apache Taverna: How to Review a Release and Vote (DRAFT) - March 2016 [Confluence wiki]

Roll_Dice Python Program [Markdown]

Roll_Dice Python Program [PDF, 5 pages, 56KB]

Draft Apache Taverna Language and OSGi Release Notes [blog]

Draft Apache Taverna 3 Architecture Diagram [blog]

Apache Taverna Publications Page [live]

Apache Taverna References Page [live]

Apache Taverna Issue Tracker Landing Page [live]

Apache Taverna Language Modules Diagram [live]

Apache Taverna Commandline: Convert Command [blog]

Upgrade Documentation [PDF, 31 pages, 860KB]

Visio Process Flow Diagram - Monthly Depreciation [PDF, 5 pages, 568KB]

Depreciation Calculator User Guide [PDF, 6 pages, 232KB]

Billing Database Front End [PDF, 14 pages, 495KB]

Uniform Fitting Procedure [PDF, 10 pages, 910KB]

Jazz Festival Volunteer Coordinator Instructions [PDF, 9 pages, 923KB]

Shako and Glove Fitting Procedure [PDF, 6 pages, 592KB]

Uniforms Training (PowerPoint) [PDF, 57 slides, 796KB]

Math Anxiety in Elementary Teachers [PDF, 10 pages, 160KB]

Summary of Engage NY Math Curriculum Key Concepts, 5th Grade [PDF, 10 pages, 1.724MB]

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